Apps are dead long live mobile marketing

I think straight off the bat I should say I think that apps and mobile marketing and interrelated however the expansion and improvement of the M commerce has not cause the death of apps as a whole. I believe that mobile marketing has caused a decline in business related apps however the fun game and news apps which I enjoy most will not be neglected because of mobile marketing but rather improvement in the entertainment and journalism fronts.

Some apps are on the decline thanks to the new age of mobile marketing. Businesses have had to improve their websites as apposed to their apps because browsing, researching, comparing, sales hunting and purchasing has been made so easy by improvements in mobile marketing that apps are rendered in my opinion waster of effort and revenue companies have available to them.

While I don’t think apps are dead  I am excited about the age of mobile marketing we are living in currently. There is more mobiles than people on this earth!! People are more reliant on their mobiles than ever before and I commend any reader who can go a week without their mobile phone or other mobile applications. Mobile marketing is already on the rise proven by facts about smartphone users such as:

  • 74% use their smartphones for research and purchasing
  • 70% (cheekily) use their smartphones in stores
  • 44% use smartphones for research
  • 49% compare prices using smartphones
  • 53% changed their purchase intentions thanks to using their smartphones

We can now purchase via are mobiles, soon enough we should be able to finance our face to face purchase via our mobiles with improvements on current methods such as Paypal, Google Wallet,M-pesa and Carapay. Projected mobile payments values $1 trillion by 2017 if met this will ensure an extremely long life for Mobile Marketing.

Anyway my opinion Apps and Mobile Marketing are here to stay and we wont be lacking in either anytime soon.

By Paul O’Neill

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