Addicted to Twitter??


My twitter profile reads as follows: Paul O’Neill, 9 tweets, mainly hurling insults at my friends and one very inappropriate late night tweet to Georgia Salpa; 36 followers generally my college friends, family and a random array of fake porn star profiles and finally following 239 which generally consists of my friends, horse racing tipsters and a few celebrities. 

I activate my Twitter account around once a month and usually the only reason I do this is to research something for college or inquire about a recent celebrity scandal which I have read about in the paper. I can confidently say I am not addicted to Twitter and to be honest I don’t particularly enjoy Twitter, I find it to be a platform for needy to people to try and gain attention. 

This being said the appeal must be there for some people because as a wise man once said facts don’t lie and there are some interesting ones in relation to Twitter;

  • Twitter has over 500 million users.
  • 50% of these users log in to their Twitter accounts on a daily basis.
  • Twitter enjoys 300,000 new visitors each day.
  • Twitter gains 11 new accounts every hour
  • There are 750 tweets published  every second
  • 71% of tweets get no retweets or replies.

By the outstanding amount of users which Twitter now has the addiction level which people are susceptible to must be somewhat significant. 

I feel that people are not addicted to Twitter but instead may be addicted to celebrities. Twitter is a platform for fans to be excited about the possibility of direct contact with their favourite celebrities, I feel this is why Twitter has grown to enjoy the level of popularity it has today.

While I am not addicted to Twitter it would be wouldn’t be fair to say it has not had an influence on me as I use their trendy # concept quite regularly. I feel that unlike Facebook Twitter could decline and disappear and the reason for this in my opinion is because people are addicted to Facebook but addicted to Twitters users. 

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WANNA GET ADDICTED TO TWITTER!!!!!!! Click here to have an arrogant young British teenager tell you how to become addicted to Twitter 😛 


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