Is Facebook taking over our lives??


Wake up log in……. Lunch break log in…….. Arrive home log in…….. Going to bed log in. 

For many of us the above sequence is one with which we are all too familiar. I too am guilty of this. It is my opinion that Facebook is not completely taking over our lives but it is manipulating and influencing every little detail of it.

Recently we enjoyed lent and I decided to test myself and try to give up this devilish friend we enjoy called Facebook I lasted twenty three days before my college work required I do two assignments which were Facebook related. This got me thinking about how life would be if I had not set up my page on May 28th 2009. 

Facebook is everywhere; it is on our phones, iPod computers, televisions and even movies screens. It is impossible for us to escape so many of us just give in and probably for good reason. 

Communications, news updates, calendar, games, videos, school work, friendships. Facebook provides us with all of these. Recently my younger brother was in disbelief that my father was filling in our birthdays to his calendar because as he stated “sure Facebook will let you know”. I don’t think Facebook is taking over our lives but I believe our lifestyle is reliant on it. 

This being said I think we must monitor how much it influences our lives as in the case of a young Donegall girl last year she allowed Facebook related activity to be the cause of her taking her life! All is not negative however as in the case of dozens of my friends who are enjoying the company of a significant other because they took the plunge and sent the little chat bubble. 

Facebook is playing such a strong role in influencing our likes and dislikes what is socially acceptable and not but as I have stated it has not yet taken over our lives and I am pleading with my readers to take a step into the past and maybe take even a baby step away from Facebook and let you find yourself and control your own life.

Click here for Facebook related suicide story 

Click here for article about Facebook influencing society

Click here for video about Facebook influence on our lives.


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