Surfing the web in a filter bubble…0.0…1c.1.11.img.cBmEUaZuiv0&bav=on


Filter Bubble? What is this? A term I was not familiar with before this class, with this in mind I feel it is vital all readers view this video before going any further to ensure they are as up to date on devilishly underlying issue as I am. 


Now that we are on the same level we shall proceed? First off I think that Google and Facebook and these other organisations who are subjecting us to this filter bubble are doing what we as business students are thought to be the key to success, They are providing their customers with what they want!! Personally I am quite grateful for these internet firms for providing me with this service. 

My mother always said I am “too stubborn and too opinionated for other people’s thoughts and feelings”. It pains me to say that she is right. I like what I like and I don’t change my lifestyle too drastically in any situation. I enjoy that I do not have to scroll through information which I have no interest in every time I search something on the Internet.

This being said I more than understand why people are annoyed at this filter bubble concept. Some people like new things, are very open minded and enjoy new interests! These people have the right to unfiltered searches. As an avid internet user I am shocked that this class was the first I had ever heard of these filter bubbles and when I quizzed my friends none of my selected few had a clue of what I was on about. This is wrong; users should be issued with a warning that searches are filtered to provide them with unique results. 

I think tutorials of how to remove these filter bubbles should be much more public and available with more ease to users! While I personally am massively in favour of the filter bubble on my searches I am aware that many do not feel the same! I think if you want to learn more about it this is the man and the video you need to pay attention to!!!!

In conclusion, I think these firms are in a no win situation, give people what they want and they complain about what they aren’t being exposed to but if you don’t then it’s all about the spam they have to endure! As the old saying goes “you can’t please all of the people all of the time”

If you are as technologically gifted as me but are opposed to this filter bubble here is an enjoyable, easy to follow video which explains how to remove this! P.s it a panda in it! Always a positive!! BURST YOUR BUBBLE



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