What I have learned from NTFM


I decided to start off this blog with a quote in relation to conclusions;

“A conclusion is simply the place where you got tired of thinking.” Dan Chaon, Stay Awake

This was the most fitting quote I could find. Blogging, not my forte! however this assignment is the reason why I chose the quote above. Blogging makes me think, it makes my mind wander and analyse situations from so many different perspectives that it makes my head ache. While I think it is clear that I am not a fan of vocalizing these thoughts I am grateful to this module for allowing me to experience these. On a personal level blogging has allowed me to appreciate other peoples opinions and also the importance of having an opinion and using it.

This module has thought me so much also about the importance of blogging from a professional point of view. Blogging can do wonders for a business! As I stated in my very 1st blog;

” blogging is a way which many people air their unappreciated and generally invalid opinions to an audience which is probably as insignificant as the author”

I must admit my opinion is not changed but altered. Blogs have many more uses than this it is a way to express corporate opinions, get in touch with customers and promote and advertise. It is a powerful and amazing tool which I now believe all companies should use.

Away from blogging this module has thought me about the importance of social media as a whole in the corporate world. Social media is a medium of communication which is free and easy to use. There is no reason why a firm should be without a strong social media base in this era!

The lesson I have learned which surprises me most is that TedTalks are fairly unreal and interesting! Never thought I would be one of those people who would watch professional videos in my spare time but in between FIFA and trips to Paddy Powers I squeezed a few of these in and enjoyed them. I would not even know these exist if it had not been for this module and I would urge all business students to check them out.

Finally this module has thought me where the word is going, viewing the advancements in technology and means of communication and payment has quite honestly blown my mind! When looking at videos of what is to come in this world I have a feeling the bulldozer attitude of social media which is keep up or get squashed will remain in place for a long time to come and I only hope my legs don’t let me down.

So there you have it my blogs have come to an end and I have enjoyed them in the same kind of way a committed Amish kid enjoys Rumspringa, its fun to have a change but I like things the way they were before!

Laters Readers 🙂


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