Social Media of Harvard University Video


James Droney and Paul O’Neill discussing the usage of Social Media by Harvard University.


What I have learned from NTFM


I decided to start off this blog with a quote in relation to conclusions;

“A conclusion is simply the place where you got tired of thinking.” Dan Chaon, Stay Awake

This was the most fitting quote I could find. Blogging, not my forte! however this assignment is the reason why I chose the quote above. Blogging makes me think, it makes my mind wander and analyse situations from so many different perspectives that it makes my head ache. While I think it is clear that I am not a fan of vocalizing these thoughts I am grateful to this module for allowing me to experience these. On a personal level blogging has allowed me to appreciate other peoples opinions and also the importance of having an opinion and using it.

This module has thought me so much also about the importance of blogging from a professional point of view. Blogging can do wonders for a business! As I stated in my very 1st blog;

” blogging is a way which many people air their unappreciated and generally invalid opinions to an audience which is probably as insignificant as the author”

I must admit my opinion is not changed but altered. Blogs have many more uses than this it is a way to express corporate opinions, get in touch with customers and promote and advertise. It is a powerful and amazing tool which I now believe all companies should use.

Away from blogging this module has thought me about the importance of social media as a whole in the corporate world. Social media is a medium of communication which is free and easy to use. There is no reason why a firm should be without a strong social media base in this era!

The lesson I have learned which surprises me most is that TedTalks are fairly unreal and interesting! Never thought I would be one of those people who would watch professional videos in my spare time but in between FIFA and trips to Paddy Powers I squeezed a few of these in and enjoyed them. I would not even know these exist if it had not been for this module and I would urge all business students to check them out.

Finally this module has thought me where the word is going, viewing the advancements in technology and means of communication and payment has quite honestly blown my mind! When looking at videos of what is to come in this world I have a feeling the bulldozer attitude of social media which is keep up or get squashed will remain in place for a long time to come and I only hope my legs don’t let me down.

So there you have it my blogs have come to an end and I have enjoyed them in the same kind of way a committed Amish kid enjoys Rumspringa, its fun to have a change but I like things the way they were before!

Laters Readers 🙂

Surfing the web in a filter bubble…0.0…1c.1.11.img.cBmEUaZuiv0&bav=on


Filter Bubble? What is this? A term I was not familiar with before this class, with this in mind I feel it is vital all readers view this video before going any further to ensure they are as up to date on devilishly underlying issue as I am. 


Now that we are on the same level we shall proceed? First off I think that Google and Facebook and these other organisations who are subjecting us to this filter bubble are doing what we as business students are thought to be the key to success, They are providing their customers with what they want!! Personally I am quite grateful for these internet firms for providing me with this service. 

My mother always said I am “too stubborn and too opinionated for other people’s thoughts and feelings”. It pains me to say that she is right. I like what I like and I don’t change my lifestyle too drastically in any situation. I enjoy that I do not have to scroll through information which I have no interest in every time I search something on the Internet.

This being said I more than understand why people are annoyed at this filter bubble concept. Some people like new things, are very open minded and enjoy new interests! These people have the right to unfiltered searches. As an avid internet user I am shocked that this class was the first I had ever heard of these filter bubbles and when I quizzed my friends none of my selected few had a clue of what I was on about. This is wrong; users should be issued with a warning that searches are filtered to provide them with unique results. 

I think tutorials of how to remove these filter bubbles should be much more public and available with more ease to users! While I personally am massively in favour of the filter bubble on my searches I am aware that many do not feel the same! I think if you want to learn more about it this is the man and the video you need to pay attention to!!!!

In conclusion, I think these firms are in a no win situation, give people what they want and they complain about what they aren’t being exposed to but if you don’t then it’s all about the spam they have to endure! As the old saying goes “you can’t please all of the people all of the time”

If you are as technologically gifted as me but are opposed to this filter bubble here is an enjoyable, easy to follow video which explains how to remove this! P.s it a panda in it! Always a positive!! BURST YOUR BUBBLE


Addicted to Twitter??


My twitter profile reads as follows: Paul O’Neill, 9 tweets, mainly hurling insults at my friends and one very inappropriate late night tweet to Georgia Salpa; 36 followers generally my college friends, family and a random array of fake porn star profiles and finally following 239 which generally consists of my friends, horse racing tipsters and a few celebrities. 

I activate my Twitter account around once a month and usually the only reason I do this is to research something for college or inquire about a recent celebrity scandal which I have read about in the paper. I can confidently say I am not addicted to Twitter and to be honest I don’t particularly enjoy Twitter, I find it to be a platform for needy to people to try and gain attention. 

This being said the appeal must be there for some people because as a wise man once said facts don’t lie and there are some interesting ones in relation to Twitter;

  • Twitter has over 500 million users.
  • 50% of these users log in to their Twitter accounts on a daily basis.
  • Twitter enjoys 300,000 new visitors each day.
  • Twitter gains 11 new accounts every hour
  • There are 750 tweets published  every second
  • 71% of tweets get no retweets or replies.

By the outstanding amount of users which Twitter now has the addiction level which people are susceptible to must be somewhat significant. 

I feel that people are not addicted to Twitter but instead may be addicted to celebrities. Twitter is a platform for fans to be excited about the possibility of direct contact with their favourite celebrities, I feel this is why Twitter has grown to enjoy the level of popularity it has today.

While I am not addicted to Twitter it would be wouldn’t be fair to say it has not had an influence on me as I use their trendy # concept quite regularly. I feel that unlike Facebook Twitter could decline and disappear and the reason for this in my opinion is because people are addicted to Facebook but addicted to Twitters users. 

 Click here for survey in relation to Twitter addiction.

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WANNA GET ADDICTED TO TWITTER!!!!!!! Click here to have an arrogant young British teenager tell you how to become addicted to Twitter 😛 

Is Facebook taking over our lives??


Wake up log in……. Lunch break log in…….. Arrive home log in…….. Going to bed log in. 

For many of us the above sequence is one with which we are all too familiar. I too am guilty of this. It is my opinion that Facebook is not completely taking over our lives but it is manipulating and influencing every little detail of it.

Recently we enjoyed lent and I decided to test myself and try to give up this devilish friend we enjoy called Facebook I lasted twenty three days before my college work required I do two assignments which were Facebook related. This got me thinking about how life would be if I had not set up my page on May 28th 2009. 

Facebook is everywhere; it is on our phones, iPod computers, televisions and even movies screens. It is impossible for us to escape so many of us just give in and probably for good reason. 

Communications, news updates, calendar, games, videos, school work, friendships. Facebook provides us with all of these. Recently my younger brother was in disbelief that my father was filling in our birthdays to his calendar because as he stated “sure Facebook will let you know”. I don’t think Facebook is taking over our lives but I believe our lifestyle is reliant on it. 

This being said I think we must monitor how much it influences our lives as in the case of a young Donegall girl last year she allowed Facebook related activity to be the cause of her taking her life! All is not negative however as in the case of dozens of my friends who are enjoying the company of a significant other because they took the plunge and sent the little chat bubble. 

Facebook is playing such a strong role in influencing our likes and dislikes what is socially acceptable and not but as I have stated it has not yet taken over our lives and I am pleading with my readers to take a step into the past and maybe take even a baby step away from Facebook and let you find yourself and control your own life.

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Apps are dead long live mobile marketing


I think straight off the bat I should say I think that apps and mobile marketing and interrelated however the expansion and improvement of the M commerce has not cause the death of apps as a whole. I believe that mobile marketing has caused a decline in business related apps however the fun game and news apps which I enjoy most will not be neglected because of mobile marketing but rather improvement in the entertainment and journalism fronts.

Some apps are on the decline thanks to the new age of mobile marketing. Businesses have had to improve their websites as apposed to their apps because browsing, researching, comparing, sales hunting and purchasing has been made so easy by improvements in mobile marketing that apps are rendered in my opinion waster of effort and revenue companies have available to them.

While I don’t think apps are dead  I am excited about the age of mobile marketing we are living in currently. There is more mobiles than people on this earth!! People are more reliant on their mobiles than ever before and I commend any reader who can go a week without their mobile phone or other mobile applications. Mobile marketing is already on the rise proven by facts about smartphone users such as:

  • 74% use their smartphones for research and purchasing
  • 70% (cheekily) use their smartphones in stores
  • 44% use smartphones for research
  • 49% compare prices using smartphones
  • 53% changed their purchase intentions thanks to using their smartphones

We can now purchase via are mobiles, soon enough we should be able to finance our face to face purchase via our mobiles with improvements on current methods such as Paypal, Google Wallet,M-pesa and Carapay. Projected mobile payments values $1 trillion by 2017 if met this will ensure an extremely long life for Mobile Marketing.

Anyway my opinion Apps and Mobile Marketing are here to stay and we wont be lacking in either anytime soon.

By Paul O’Neill

Click here or a Mobile Marketing Video

Beginning Blogging

Personally I think blogging is a way which many people air their unappreciated and generally invalid opinions to an audience which is probably as insignificant as the author.  However in saying this I think it is important that I also point out if used in a correct respectful manner and the author is of notable status then a blog can be very useful and important to society as they can help solve issues and explain political and societal dilemmas and their corresponding solutions and impacts . 

All in all I am afraid that this particular blog will fall into the first category which I noted as my social status is far from significant and the issues which I will be talking about are hardly going to concern much of the general public.